Breast Asymmetry





This condition of the breasts are not equal in size and shape are cause for great frustration for patients.

For Breast Asymmetry In my experience these patients in solving this problem through breast balance surgery experience great joy and satisfaction. I particularly find this medical work as a great contribution to the patients where they increase their self-esteem in an important way.

The volume and shape of the asymmetrical breasts can be balanced in three ways

  • Placement of asymmetrical prostheses
  • Pexia of one of the breasts until achieving its resemblance
  • Placement of prosthesis and pexica of both breasts.

In fact, the surgeon’s approach to this problem varies from one to the other and depends on whether there is only one atrophic breast in a young patient who does not have each of the breasts where it will only be resolved with the first option. If the patient has fallen breasts and they have taken a different shape, prosthesis may be placed or the breast tissue itself may be used to shape the prosthesis and remove skin in one more than another until the final result looks like each other.

The most important message regarding the treatment of breast asymmetry is that we have enough experience to give a balanced shape and figure or we can make the patient feel very satisfied with her new breasts.