Buttock Augmentation


The gluteal area is one of the most attractive parts of the human body. A beautiful buttock is firm and rounded and with a luxuriant surface. The Buttocks augmentation or reaffirmation can be achieved through three procedures, augmentation with autologous fat known today as Fat transfer, placement of gluteal prosthesis and injection of L-Polylactic Acid.




Necessarily this type of augmentation is accompanied by liposuction, and for the gluteus to stand out there are areas that must be smaller such as the hip “saddlebags”, the subgluteal groove, the sacral area where removing the fat forms a curve called “derrière..” and the shaping of the waist.

After this, the extracted fat is purified by removing traces of blood, saline solution, adrenaline and then enriched with biological nutrition “PRP” that greatly helps its integration.

Doctor will my fat transfer disappear after the surgery?

Well, a reabsorption of the fat in an uncertain percentage depending on the metabolism and habits of the patient is really described. But in my experience this happens very little through the trans and postoperative management that I give to the fat graft.

  • The first thing is to effectively graft purified fat dispersed in multilayers that will make it integrate and have a life of its own. The fat not purified at first will give volume because it contains 50% of water, this will be absorbed in the first days, in addition to containing residual adrenaline that in some way caused constriction glass and therefore little nutrition and integration of fat tissue infiltrated.
  • Use of compressive bands that maintain the round shape of the buttock and that do not atrophy the infiltrated tissue.
  • The sitting habit is of paramount importance. If we sit upright we will be putting pressure on the ischium and not on the gluteus. Something very different happens when we sit “lying down” or comfortably, this will compress the gluteus graft and help its atrophy and loss of volume.
  • Maintenance and exercise. We have a program specialized in gluteal cell nutrition based on vitamin and nutritional compounds studied by Dr. Piletti that promote the growth of the gluteus maximus muscle and keep the injected fat.




The use of Buttock implants is a formidable option for patients who have little donor fat or have already had Fat transfer and have not achieved the desired results.

The approach route is through a very small wound in the intergluteal fold of approximately 6 to 7 cm and is hidden in the posterior triangle of the bikini. The Buttock implant has a bulkier oval shape at the bottom than at the top. For my taste the solid elastomeric implant is very hard and does not give a natural sensation to the touch, the silicone gel prosthesis of high cohosivity is the choice in addition to being super safe. The implant placement plane must be intermuscular, i.e. located between the major and minor pectoral muscle. If this perfect placement plane is achieved, it is very unlikely that the implant will be luxated or displaced.

For all these reasons I can suggest the Buttock implants as an excellent and safe option for gluteus augmentation.


This product has years in the medical industry used safely is very similar to Polyglycolic Acid (Dexon) a suture.

But this powder (Sculptra) Poli-L-Lacitc Acid is diluted in 10 cc of sterile water and injected into the buttocks progressively increasing them to the desired volume. This will require several sections of the product but it is safe, not rejected and has no undesirable effects. It is ideal for those patients who do not want to undergo surgery.