Calf Augmentation




Buttocks, thighs and calves form a set of which if they keep some basic proportions, we can consider harmony and beauty in our lower legs.

For different reasons, whether genetics or not, due to an atrophic disease in some people, the calves do not develop in spite of a lot of exercise and thin calves are a reason for dissatisfaction in many people.

The safest and most guaranteed way to compensate for this defect is by using calf implants.

Today several commercial companies manufacture calf implants. In Facemaker we only use implants with guarantee of FDA, European Union and Cofepris.

It is demonstrated that calf Implants don´t produce any rejection of either solid elastomer or silicone gel, are strong resistant and don´t limit the physical activity of patients.

The results are immediate and can reach up to 6 cm in calf diameter. The placement of the implant is done through a small hole of about 2.5 cm in the hole popliteo (area behind the knee) and accommodate according to the deformity of each patient, the implants rests on the internal twin muscle regularly.

The patient who is fitted with the calf prosthesis usually expresses great satisfaction with their new image.