Enlarged Male Breast




It is the abnormal growth of the male mammary gland, it is important to differentiate this to increase the muscle mass of the pectoral muscle.

The gynecomastia of a feminized aspect of the masculine pectoral zone causing in the patient great dissatisfaction with his self-image.

The causes of gynecomastia can range from elevated levels of prolactin in the juvenile stage of man to the use of steroids for bodybuilding purposes.

This can appear in young people and also be present in patients from 35 to 55 years and all would like to undo the shape of their pectorals.

It is important to detect the nonconformity in the juvenile or adult stage and inform the patient that this can be corrected in a very simple way.

This is a minor surgical procedure. Previously it was performed excisional surgery, ie through a wound around the areola to remove the excess mammary gland but today with vaser technology we can remove the entire excess gland through a 2 mm hole and have an immediate recovery.

Animate to have your male pectorals is a matter of 30 minutes to remove all this mass that feminizes your chest.

Recovery, Today with the docile management of tissues from my surgical technique I observe recovery periods that can be as fast as 5 days so that you can be on your own and achieve a recovery and reintegration to your usual activities in 10 days. The return to sports activity should be later, 4 weeks to start with leg exercises progressively until you can use your entire body.

It is our custom to wear a wound cleansing protocol and we will instruct you on it, you will wear a special post-surgical bra as well as attend postoperative massages where you will receive continuous surveillance during the first week.

This surgery will bring great benefits in your appearance, improvement of your symptoms and above all in a significant increase in your self-esteem.