Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Ethnic Rhinoplasty Cancún




Personally I consider that rhinoplasty is the most exciting surgery of this specialty, I had the opportunity to learn and work hand to hand with great masters of Ethnic Rhinoplasty such as Jose Guerrerosantos, Liacyr Ribeiro, Fernando Ortiz Monasterios.

The nose is the center of the face and a good result completely changes the expression, personality and beauty of the patient. Anatomically the nose has multiple elements whose proper handling will give splendid results.

This surgical procedure can be done in several ways with internal or external wounds, with cartilage grafts using artificial materials such as silicone and medpore; every surgeon will always have their preference, the important thing is the result.

My technique in ethnic rhinoplasty refines facial features of African American and Asian faces.

I am not sympathetic to the use of artificial materials, I have had extensive experience using costal cartilage and cartilage of the ear and in some cases temporary fascia, these are bological materials from your own body wont be rejected never.

The results of my rhinoplasty are quite predictibles with minimal complications and discofort.