Dr. Piletti’s Liposculpture is the most effective way for removing unwanted fatty deposits. His personal technique combines the use of power, laser & ultrasound assisted liposculpture depending on your particular case.

We do not limit our program to a surgical procedure, but we also provide nutritional guidance as well as an exercise plan, and a skin tightening system that will guarantee your results.

HD (High Definition) lipo has definitely replaced traditional liposuction. Expert surgeons have a more artistic three-dimensional approach that we have achieved through the use of the latest technologies.

Today the concept of body shaping is for all patients, whether of a large, medium or slender build and depends a lot on the approach that the surgeon has of each patient in a personalized examination.

The combination of new technologies allows the expert surgeon to mold important structures as they are:

  • Rectal muscles known as the sixpack
  • The obliques of the abdomen which are the lateral depressions to the rectuses
  • Definition of the bust or pectoral muscle rremoving excess axillary and subcostal fat.
  • Enhancement of deltoid muscle and brachial triceps.
  • Contour of back and waist
  • Fat-transfer for augmentation and contour of the gluteus.
  • Hip and crotch
  • Fat-transfer of calves
  • Elimination of jowls


Body shaping is no longer limited to the suction of fat but the use of technological innovations that allow the controlled discharge of different energies such as:

  • Vaser (ultrasonic energy)
  • Laserlipolysis (Dual diode laser 1064 and 1470 nanometers wavelength)
  • Micro-air (oscillatory mechanical energy)
  • LiTech isolation and purification enrichment of adipose for fat transfer


VASER liposuction or liposculpture also known as high definition is not only done to people with potential fitness , because the ultrasonic energy liquifies the fat facilitating its extraction in a shorter time than traditional liposuction; in addition to being useful for secondary liposuctions where the patient has internal scarring that hinders the procedure. One of the benefits of this technological alternative is the additional retraction of the skin.


Specifically, patients in a moderate overweight, who fail to improve their figure despite exercise are the ideal candidates for High Definition, where it works intensely discharging energy first, and suctioning the fat, with the aim of highlighting oblique muscles of the abdomen, delimitation of the midline of the abdominal rectus muscles and a flat infraumbilical belly. With all these changes the impact of a thin waist and a defined abdomen are a vast improvement to your physique.

Men are also well favoured by this procedure as there is a protrusion of the major pectoral muscles, definition of the sixpack and of course removal of the rims from the waist. You have a slender abdomen and torso with the HD liposuction that Dr. Piletti offers you with more than 20 years of experience.