The ears as each of the parts of the face has its peculiarities and the most important is to go unnoticed Our otoplasty through subtle techniques gives you a natural balance between your ears and your face.

The surgical procedure to correct protruding ears, also known as protruding ears or protruding ears. As a surgical procedure is quite simple in the hands of a doctor who knows the anatomy, the surgical technique and above all with an aesthetic and artistic approach to obtain a natural result.

When the ears exceed this proportion the external fifth alters the facial balance making evident the appearance of the organ. The ear has structures such as the shell and the fold that is in the center of it known as “Antihelix” that may be absent. In order to really give an optimal surgical result it is necessary to reconstruct these structures. Basically, the objective is to reduce the distance between the ear and the head.


The boy or girl with prominent ears is subject to “bulling” at school is why it is recommended to do this surgery before school age or at an early stage. By age 4, the ear is fully developed and safe to operate on. In girls and women the prominent ears protrude from the hair and that is why they yearn to become a “ponytail”.

The common denominator of otoplasty patients is satisfaction.