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Dr. Gianbattista Piletti

Medicine cures diseases, Plastic Surgery cure self-image integrating mind and body to achieve a psychological balance and raising self-esteem. Today beauty in modern men and women play a fundamental role in personal acceptance, achieving of goals and especially their happiness. All these are arguments that help me understand the goals of Plastic Surgery and not see it as a banality. 


Our Clients Say

Doctor Gianbatistta Piletti excellent professional, talented and very responsible. I had the opportunity to be attended by him on two occasions and the results were excellent. He is a very willing, professional and kind person.



Dr. Piletti for me has been the maximum since I was 17 years old was my 1st operation that was the rhinoplasty was super satisfied with the results so much so that when I woke up in the recovery room I told my 20 years I want breast augmentation. He is an excellent 100% professional.



Sin duda alguna la calidad humana con la que trata a sus pacientes, su sencillez y más que nada él excelente trabajo que realiza, más que satisfecha y contenta de haberme puesto en sus manos para tan delicada intervención.



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