Breast Lift




Breast Lift, is ideal after pregnancies and lactation, even with age and also depending on the aesthetic pattern of family inheritance the breasts can fall off in a way undesirable for the woman.

The medical term for sagging breasts is mammary ptosis.

For this alteration of the form of the breast the surgery that is proposed is the filling of the volume of the breast either with mammary implants or with greasy graft plus the removal of the skin of excess with lifting of the areola and the nipple.

There are multiple surgical techniques for breast lift. The most important detail for the patient is what type of wound will be used.

There are basically three techniques depending on the type of breast injury.

  • Periareolar scar
  • Vertical scar (known as Lollipop)
  • Anchor scar or inverted “T”.

Each of these techniques will be appropriate for each type of breast and will depend on the degree of sagging and drooping of your breast.

Dr. Piletti will make a personalized assessment and find the best option for you.