Over time, physical and mental energy is lost, so one of the pillars of regenerative medicine is hormone replacement for anti-aging purposes. With Facechip, you will get a testosterone booster that will help you regain strength and energy, reducing the effects of menopause and andropause, increasing sexual appetite.

The advantage of Facechip over conventional hormone therapy is that being molecularly the same as that produced by our body, it does not alter normal physiology like synthetic derivatives.

Factors that improve with the use of testosterone as hormonal replacement therapy:

1. Mental focus (memory)
2. Muscle Strength (increased muscle mass when exercising)
3. Increased vital force, satisfactory tolerance to daily activities, and adequate performance.
4. Increased libido. Libido is double or triple increased.
5. Weight loss.
6. Recovery of natural sleep

Ideal for men and women over 45 who want to maintain an active and fulfilling lifestyle. To see the results of HRT, you usually have to wait 2 to three weeks, rarely its effects are immediate.

Come to Facemaker and apply this chip with Dr. Yesenia Reynés, specialist in these subjects and in nutrition.

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Doctor Gianbattista Piletti Reyes is a renowned plastic surgeon in Cancun with more than 20 years of experience. He is certified by the Mexican Council of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery and has done work for patients in Italy, Los Angeles, New York, Texas, Venezuela & Mexico. He is the founder and director of Facemaker, a high end plastic surgery clinic in Cancun. Together with a professional team of doctors & medical staff, they will make your breast asymmetry or any other type of surgery another success story.

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