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Cirugía Plástica – Plastic Surgery – Cancun – FACECHIP

Cirugía Plástica Cancun - FACECHIP

Over time, physical and mental energy is lost, so one of the pillars of regenerative medicine is hormone replacement for anti-aging purposes. With Facechip, you will get a testosterone booster that will help you regain strength and energy, reducing the effects of menopause and andropause, increasing sexual appetite. The advantage of Facechip over conventional hormone therapy is that being molecularly…

Plastic Surgery – Cirugía Plástica – Cancun – Ruptured Implants

Cirugía Plástica Cancún - Ruptura de Implantes

Just like knee or hip prostheses, breast implants are an object that is introduced into the body, however, breast prostheses do not last a lifetime and it is completely understandable that over the years they wear out or break, so it will be necessary to change them for new ones. It is said that breast implants have a life of…

Plastic Surgery Cancun – Facemaker – GYNECOMASTY

Cirugía Plástica Cancun - Facemaker - Ginecomastia

Gynecomasty is the abnormal growth of the male mammary gland and is very different from the increase in muscle mass of the pectoral muscle. Gynecomasty gives a feminized appearance to the male pectoral area, causing the patient great dissatisfaction with his self-image. The causes of gynecomasty can range from elevated prolactin levels in the juvenile stage of men; as well…

Plastic Surgery Cancun – Facemaker – Breast asymmetry

Cirugía plástica Cancun - Facemaker - ASIMETRÍA MAMARIA

La asimetría mamaria es un condición donde las mamas no son iguales en su tamaño y/o forma y es un motivo de gran frustración para las pacientes. Su origen puede ser congénito o adquirido usualmente después del parto. En mi experiencia, estas pacientes pueden solucionar este problema mediante la cirugía de balance mamario, que brinda a la paciente una gran satisfacción y por ende ayuda a que sus problemas de autoestima se superen.