Breast asymmetry is a condition where the breasts are not equal in size and / or shape and is a cause of great frustration for patients. Its origin can be congenital or usually acquired after delivery.

In my experience, these patients can solve this problem through breast balance surgery, which gives the patient great satisfaction and therefore helps her self-esteem problems to be overcome.

Breast balance surgery is achieved using prostheses of different sizes, combined if necessary with removal of excess breast tissue and skin, and of course a little artistic sense from the Plastic Surgeon, who in this case, in addition to his experience, can contribute something more to make the surgery a success.

The most important message regarding the treatment of breast asymmetry is that at Facemaker Cancun – Plastic Surgery Clinic in Cancun we have enough experience in surgeries of this type, so we can achieve excellent results to give a balanced shape and figure. The patient, after her surgery, will feel very satisfied after seeing her new breasts.

About Facemaker – Plastic Surgery in Cancun


Doctor Gianbattista Piletti Reyes is a renowned plastic surgeon in Cancun with more than 20 years of experience. He is certified by the Mexican Council of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery and has done work for patients in Italy, Los Angeles, New York, Texas, Venezuela & Mexico. He is the founder and director of Facemaker, a high end plastic surgery clinic in Cancun. Together with a professional team of doctors & medical staff, they will make your breast asymmetry or any other type of surgery another success story.

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