Gynecomasty is the abnormal growth of the male mammary gland and is very different from the increase in muscle mass of the pectoral muscle.

Gynecomasty gives a feminized appearance to the male pectoral area, causing the patient great dissatisfaction with his self-image.

The causes of gynecomasty can range from elevated prolactin levels in the juvenile stage of men; as well as the use of steroids for bodybuilding purposes.

Gynecomasty can appear in young people and can be present in patients from 35 to 55 years old and if it is detected in time, it can be corrected in a very simple way through a minor surgical procedure that can be performed at Facemaker Cancun.

Although previously it was performed exceptionally, by means of a wound around the areola the excess of the mammary gland was removed, today there is the possibility of eliminating this gland using vaser technology, which consists of making a 2-millimeter hole with a immediate recovery. In a matter of 30 minutes, all that fat can be removed.

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