Just like knee or hip prostheses, breast implants are an object that is introduced into the body, however, breast prostheses do not last a lifetime and it is completely understandable that over the years they wear out or break, so it will be necessary to change them for new ones.

It is said that breast implants have a life of up to 10 years, however this is not the same for all cases, as their duration will depend on the care and recommendations indicated during consultations.

The first reasons for rupture are mechanical stimulation on the prosthesis, massage during intimate relationships, mammography, trauma with a seat belt, external capsulotomies (maneuvers of the surgeon where the breast is squeezed with an implant to free it from a capsular contracture) are causes of rupture .

Although there is still a certain population of patients who have breast prostheses from older generations that are still used to lower the costs of breast surgeries, these prostheses -of old technology- are unreliable and therefore a major reason for rupture and deterioration.

Rupture symptoms

Asymptomatic (silent rupture)
Symptoms of irritation, pain in the breast, armpit or arm, deformity, alteration of the consistency of the prosthesis.
Asia syndrome

How do I check if my implant is broken?

There are two useful studies for the diagnosis of ruptured breast prosthesis:

Breast ultrasound or ultrasound: it is very helpful, cheap and fast.

Nuclear magnetic resonance: it is the most reliable and definitive study, so much so that today the Food and Drug Administration (FDA for its acronym in English) recommends this control method for monitoring the status of a breast prosthesis.

Implant replacement surgery

Some would think that it is a simple procedure, but it is something much more laborious and its complexity depends on each case, for example: when the silicone spills, even if it is cohesive gel, it causes an irritation in the breast tissue or in the capsule that is It forms around the prosthesis and this forces the capsule to be completely removed, doubling the surgical time. The extraction of the periprosthetic capsule is nowadays an obligatory procedure, since its pathological analysis helps us to rule out the early presence of anaplastic lymphoma.

Control and monitoring of my implants

In the immediate postoperative period, the patient will need at least 5 post-surgery consultations and once she has been discharged, it is advisable to return for review 6 months after surgery. Finally, annual surveillance of the surgery with a breast ultrasound and a symptom control checklist is recommended.

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